Science has blessed us with many of it’s inventions. Some of these inventions have become part of our lives in such a way that we can not imagine our life with out them. These technologies of science have made our life so much easier. Whole world has been turned in to a global village, all thanks to science. We are more aware about everything, we can stay in touch with anybody we want to and that too in any part of this world. Conclusively, we can say that these scientific technologies have saved our time and energy at the same time. Computer is one such blessing of science but it also can get broken like any other technology and needs to be repaired.

With the passage of time everything gets defected. However, time is not the only reason behind every form of damage, sometimes the thing gets broken or defected due to mishandling or because of any unfortunate incident. Even though there are many inventions of science but in this article we are going to discuss about only one of those inventions or we can say that biggest invention of all times and that invention is computer.


Computer can be described as an electronic device which reads, interprets and then gives answer or information to the required question. Some considers abacus as the first computer which was discovered by William Oughtred. It was a wooden rack or frame with beads on it, these beads helped man in calculating and remembering numbers, it requires manual aid. However, others considers first form of computer to be invented by Charles Babbage as he was the one who originated the concept of digital programmable computer.

Leaving the invention debate aside, one fact on which we all agree upon is that computer is one of the most important discovery of science and it has paved way for many other technologies to be invented. Every electronic device that we see working automatically or even manually is based on the principal of computer. Computers help us in sorting, organizing and searching data. It has proved to be time saving for us. It saves our data, etc.

Computer repairs:

Even though computer is one of the biggest miracles of science yet it also needs to be fixed sometimes. As there are times when computer does not work properly, it slows down or often freezes. Sometimes it keeps restarting on it own. In fact, there can be any software or hardware related problem that can arise in computer. Moreover, computer can get damaged as well due to any unfortunate incident. Hence, computer repairs St Kilda is the best solutions.


Computers are one of the greatest blessings of science. They have made our live much more easier but there come times when computers also gets damaged or defected and needs to be repaired. One of the best repairing store for such electronic devices is in Melbourne which goes by the name of Laptop kings repair.