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Birds are the most beautiful creature on earth. The beautiful colour of their wings and the chirping sound welcome us in the morning. Their chirping gives us freshness. The blossom flowers increase their beauty when a sparrow comes to collect the nectar to remove their thirst. As we know that every charm has demerits. In the same manner, where the birds give us a stimulus to be ready for every morning, they may cause several issues regarding their immigration, eating crops, make their nests at the people windows, and solar panels. Moreover, several afflictions of the birds may cause the spread of disease in the young ones and the elders.

Pigeon nesting under solar panels:

The pigeons are the common birds that are found in the office, residents, and even in the restaurants, The common issue that the people faced is that the pigeons nesting under solar panels. As the birds are not interested in eating the wires or foraging on the panels but the main concern is their turd. Their turd makes the place untidy and un-appropriate. Their turd consists of parasites and may cause air-borne diseases. Birds under solar panels feel at ease because their main concern is the shade. Besides these, the birds fight for the food, and dropping the birds on the panels may cause damage to the sensitive areas of the panel. Pigeon nesting under the solar panels may also back up water in their wings when it rains. The water may affect the areas of the connection of circuits in the panel. The worse is that the resident of the pigeons may affect the other rodents, the squirrel is the common rodent in this regard. Regardless of the birds under the solar panel, the rodents can chew the wires, it may short circuit, and even cause a fire. The bird mitigation devices can sort out this problem.

Bird mitigation devices:

Birds mitigation devices are the devices that are installed to prevent the specific area from the birds. Bird mitigation devices include bird spikes, bird wires, and bird netting. It prevents the man’s building ledges, guttering, sidings, window sills, roofs, facades, and many other structures. Technology regarding audio and visual screens, a reflection of light, sudden motion, and a sound of a predator of that respective bird also acts as a bird mitigation device and prevents the place to become the bird residential.

Bird lice treatment:

Bird lice is an issue that most people face that keeps pets in their houses. Commonly, lice are lived on the body and feathers of the bird. These lice are transferred to the family members. In this regard, bird lice treatment is mandatory. A pest control professional proffers the bird lice treatment. In bird lice treatment, the professional recommend the anti-lice shampoo and PYRETHRIN spray as it is a poisonous chemical so that its implementation should be careful.